By: Henry Hagerty, Creative Quarterback, Think Bank Inc.,


Welcome to a great combination of the past and future from Switch VFX and Animation Studios working for Nice Shoes Studios.  Switch’s EP and founder Pete Denomme was presented a unique challenge by Nice Shoes’ Creative Director Harry Dorrington: create classic Disney character animation in less than four weeks on a limited budget.


After Harry created the initial characters, the first critical step was to create a very specific shooting board with the Nice Shoes team, which showed where each character was in each frame.  Pete then had a team of his finest traditional Disney animators do their magic with pencil and paper in less than two weeks.  He scanned their organic work frame by frame and finished ink and paint in the remaining two weeks.  The result was a classic Disney look at a fraction of the usual schedule and budget.


We’d like to thank Creative Director Harry Dorrington, E.P. Angela Bowen and CEO Dominic Pandolfino for a most excellent opportunity.  We hope that you enjoy the work.