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The Perfect Project, An Animated Short Film about Autism is a passion project for our studio. With film festival appearances in the U.S., U.K and Romania, we now want audiences worldwide to learn the lessons of acceptance and power of inclusion from lead character Charlie and his friends in this heartfelt and funny story.


Our Festival short ZOUA entertained at Flickerfest (Australia), Animation Block Film Festival (NYC), Leeds Young Film Festival (UK), Los Angelas International Children’s Film Festival, The San Diego Film Festival and Lahore International Children’s Film Festival (Pakistan).  It can now be found in French on YouTube.


Fan favorite George of the Jungle Season II won Best in 2D Animation at the 21st Asian Television Awards.

The Perfect Project

2D Animation | 2020

Uplifting animated short film showcasing the superpowers of Charlie, a young boy with autism.

The Perfect Project, an animated short film about autism adapted from the book of the same name by author, professor, TEDx speaker and award winning psychologist Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway PhD. "This film brings to life my book celebrating the superpowers of children with a learning disability with sensitivity and gentle humor, telling the heartwarming tale of how a young boy with autism and his classmates learn to collaborate on their science fair project." says Dr. Alloway.

The team on the film included voice actors and animators on the autism spectrum as well as a behaviour therapist who deals daily with children like lead character Charlie, who face many situations that classmates untouched by autism take for granted.

Stay tuned for more on Charlie's daily adventures, coming soon to a wider audience.

Production Partner
Regh Animation, Eggplant Music & Sound and Exceptional Minds


2D Animation | 2019

Inspired children battling cancer create their first film. Their story follows the adventures of their hero Zoua, a young boy who lives on a deserted island but longs to live where he can play with other children.

Zoua is a young boy who lives on a deserted island with his best pal Clody, a cute little parrot. Although Zoua is great friends with all the animals on the island, he dreams more than anything else of escaping to live in a land where he could play with other kids. The problem is the ocean is filled with piranhas and Zoua will have to be cunning and creative in order to fool the menacing fish and make his dreams come true.

Tiziana Giammarino
Production Partner
Artistes Pour Rêver and ASI Studios

George of The Jungle

3D Animation

A comedic-adventure series that follows the hilariously absurd saga of George - King of the Jungle.

George of the Jungle is a comedic-adventure series that follows the hilariously absurd saga of George - King of the Jungle. Raised by apes, George is strong, pure of heart.... and really, really dumb. Despite this, in times of peril, he will always try to do what's Right, inevitably do something Wrong...which leads to a lot of fun and laughter at his expense.

DreamWorks Television

The Travels of the Young Marco Polo

3D Animation

This 2D series chronicles Marco‘s search as he travels through fantas- tic settings and exotic locales.

With a burning curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and a knack for stumbling into trouble, young Marco Polo sets off on a wild adventure through distant lands and mystical times to find his missing father, who vanished while exploring the Road to the East. Accompanied by his strong, good-natured friend Luigi and the mysterious young princess, Shi La Won, the brash Marco is ready to take on the world... once he finds his missing boots that is. A roller-coaster of comedy and action, young Marco Polo follows the rollicking misadventures of the three friends on their epic journey.

Production Partner
MagPie Media, Motionworks
BBC Kids, Knowledge:Kids


2D Animation

Follow along as Dawn, the pygymy hippopotamus, and Edward the dog explore their everyday environments and learn about the natural world all around them with humour and fun.

TVO Kids

Man in the Iron Pants

2D Animation

With courage a symphony lives within us all!

Sneaking out of her house early one morning, Matilda thinks she’s about to solve all her problems. Instead she meets The Man in The Iron Pants! Awestruck the little girl follows the man through the fog into a magical world. Here every living thing is alive with music, contributing to the symphony that now lies at the heart of Matilda’s quest. Accompanied by Bernard, a bird of dubious character, Matilda and The Man journey to The City. Along the way, despite warnings of looming danger, Matilda trades in her tuba for a pair of her own Iron Pants. It is not until The Shepherd stalks into view that Matilda discovers the dire repercussions of this crucial decision and what her journey will really entail. Driven from the idyllic countryside, through dark ravines and into the derelict streets of the once majestic city, Matilda must discover the secret that binds The Shepherd to The Man in The Iron Pants. As The Shepherd takes centre stage to execute his furioso finale, and the city begins to crumble around them, will Matilda share their fate or will she have the courage to discover what truly makes music worth playing and save herself?

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