Switch VFX & Animation adds Conestoga College to Scholarship Awards

Toronto Ontario, January 30, 2018 – Today the team at Switch VFX & Animation is pleased to announce the creation of an Animation Scholarship at Conestoga College, adding to their roster of annual Switch VFX & Animation Scholarship Awards, which currently includes investment at Algonquin College, Centennial College, Seneca College, Sheridan College and St. Clair College.

Conestoga’s new two-year Animation diploma inspires students to use their creative talent to blend drawing, animation and production techniques with strong storytelling skills to create a variety of 2D and 3D animations.   Todd Jahnke, Coordinator, Media & Design (Animation) is excited by the Switch opportunity saying “This award is a great way to showcase our Animation program and support the students”

“The addition of a 6th scholarship to our talent development program increases Switch’s opportunity to help animation driven college students in the pursuit of their dreams while continuing to grow the much-needed number of skilled and creative digital artists in Canada” says Pete Denomme, Sheridan Alumni and CEO/Executive Producer at Switch.

According to the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario, of which Denomme is a board member, the visual effects and animation industry has grown over 300% since 2011 employing more than 7000 artists and contributing over $400 million in revenue to Ontario.

Qualifications for each Switch award can be viewed on school websites or by contacting school program directors.

Conestoga College Contact:  Todd Jahnke, Coordinator, Media & Design (Animation)

tjahnke@conestogac.on.ca  (519) 748-5220 ext. 3358

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