ZOUA – A One-of-a Kind Production

Toronto, Ontario September 19, 2018 – Artistes Pour Rêver and Switch VFX & Animation are proud to announce completion of the animated short film entitled “ZOUA”. A first of its kind production, the story and characters of the film come direct from the imaginations of an incredible group of children in Switzerland who are facing the world of cancer.

Premiering September 22nd in Porrentruy, Switzerland (where the kids are from) during a charity event for the AJAFEC (Association for families with kids battling cancer) the film will be used as a tool to raise money for associations affiliated with cancer support and research while raising awareness of childhood cancer. “Our greatest hope is that “ZOUA” will inspire hospitals and organizations to provide more creative activities for children who are battling cancer and other diseases” says Artistes Pour Rêver Producer Tiziana Giammarino. “We were thrilled to be able to use the power of film to provide moments of escape and surround these brave children with magic and a world where everything is possible”

The story, envisioned by an inspired group of ten children follows the adventures of their hero “ZOUA”, a special boy who lives on a deserted island and though he is great friends with the local animals, he longs more than anything to live where he can play with other children.

“From the beautiful imaginations of these children, through their clever story arc and onto paper with their crayons, we at Switch are honored to have played a small role in bringing this heartwarming project to the screen” reflects Pete Denomme, Executive Producer at Switch VFX & Animation.

An additional charity event is to be held in Los Angeles to benefit the Leukemia Research Foundation – date/location to be confirmed.

Link to the trailer can be found HERE

Produced in association with ASI Studios

About: Artistes Pour Rêver (Artists for Dreams) produces short films (Animation or Live Action) with the goal of encouraging the creativity and imagination of children facing the adversity of disease. The purpose is to show that this creativity can bring life to something very beautiful and fun.

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