Toronto, Ontario, December 15, 2016 – TMT News proudly announced today that Switch VFX & Animation has won the TMT News 2016 Entertainment Award for Most Innovative in Visual Effects Design.

TMT News (United Kingdom) is an online magazine and newsletter offering the latest information across the three key sectors of Technology, Media and Telecom.

In today’s press release Jessie Wilson, Awards Co-ordinator was quoted as saying “Entertainment is important to everyone and we all have different tastes, meaning companies have to work hard to appeal to as many clients as possible.  Through the awards programme we have turned the spotlight on the dedicated firms and those working behind the scenes within them who are providing quality, informative content.”

Click HERE for the TMT News Press Release

About US: Switch VFX & Animation is an award-winning artist owned studio that provides exceptional digital visual effects and animated content from initial concept developments all the way to the final deliveries for some of the best names in the industry including Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Disney, Nickelodeon, Teletoon, DreamWorkds and BBC Kids.  We foster creative excellence, technology innovation and straightforward communication that reaches the sweet spot between artists and technical specialists.  Visit the Switch website at