Northern Rescue: VFX Shots by Switch VFX

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Northern Rescue premieres on CBC September 18th!  Take a look at this family drama filmed right here in Ontario.

IMDB describes the story-line as follows:

After the death of his wife Sarah, John West (Baldwin) packs up his three children and transports them from their hectic urban life to his small northern hometown to take command of the local search-and-rescue service. Once there, the family struggles with their new surroundings, new friends, and accepting Sarah’s death. The children’s aunt (Robertson), helps them and John heal as she copes with the loss of her sister and her desire to have her own family. The series from Don Carmody Television (DCTV) was created by David Cormican, Dwayne Hill and Mark Bacci. Production took place in and around Parry Sound in northern Ontario. David Cormican served as the series showrunner. Executive Producers include Don Carmody, David Cormican, Dwayne Hill, Bradley Walsh, Billy Baldwin, and Mark Bacci.

Watch the trailer here:

Fall 2019 Dates Announced for Animation Lounge Workshops

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The Animation Lounge, an education resource hosted and sponsored by Switch VFX & Animation has announced their Fall 2019 Workshop dates.  The platform, built to advance the careers and passions of students, professionals and the public who are interested in the animation process from concept to publication.  We offer training on the rapidly changing software and hardware technology for the industry.

Fall Dates

September 21

October 19

November 16

December 7th

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Summer 2019 E-Newsletter

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Two Talents. One Switch.

The Visual Effects and Animation communities are constantly undergoing radical changes, so you should work with a studio who moves both industries forward by combining their unique, yet complimentary skills.

Our Focus
Service, Co-production and Education.

First and foremost we transform great ideas into impactful imagery using both leading edge 2D/3D animation and inventive visual effects. Our most recent work can be seen in the series Northern Rescue, currently streaming on Netflix and CBC, The Expanse on Amazon Prime, the Welcome to the Wayne animated webisodes and fan favorite George of the Jungle. Projects in our pipeline include Altered Carbon, Season 2 for Netflix, the recently announced SAW film for Lionsgate with Chris Rock and the independent feature starring Gabriel Byrne entitled Death of a Ladies Man.

Second, we look for intriguing storylines and cooperative partners who we can collaborate with to create compelling content like the recently produced animated Festival Short, ZOUA.

Finally, we work diligently to inspire and cultivate the next generation of talented digital artists by investing heavily in the education platform the Animation Lounge and the Switch Scholarship programs at five major Ontario colleges.

Lets talk about how we can work together
Ask to see our demo reel to review our best work

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American Hangman: VFX from Switch VFX

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Binge a thriller this summer starring the legendary Donald Sutherland

The IMDB story line summary reads as follows:

An unidentified man posts a live feed on social media showing that he has kidnapped two strangers and intends to kill one before the day is out. His intention is to hold a capital “trial” online. As the authorities recognize what’s happening, it becomes apparent that the online public is going to act as judge and jury.

Watch the trailer!


Switch Gets Behind Animation Lounge Education Platform

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By Mercedes Milligan

Published on February 11, 2019

Toronto-based Switch Animation has come on board as host and main sponsor of the Animation Lounge, a new education resource built to advance the careers and passions of students, all professionals and the public who are interested in the animation process from concept to publication, by offering training on the rapidly changing software and hardware technology for the industry.

The Animation Lounge is the passion project of Sonya Carey, a 25-year technical production expert whose first step is to launch a series of day long workshops, from the Switch offices.

“We will be a unique learning environment; each attendee of a workshop will produce a short film by the end of their session. This hands-on experience is meant to help them refine their skills, add to their portfolio or start their career as a YouTube sensation in a fun, no pressure atmosphere,” explained Carey.

“Sonya and I have the same goals,” said Pete Denomme, CEO/Executive Producer of Switch Animation. “We both love our industry and are driven to help make it better. Sponsoring and supporting the Animation Lounge is a natural adjunct to the Switch Scholarship program started three years ago. I see it as a compliment to student learning and a great opportunity for my fellow studio owners to advance their artists and their studios. If we all raise our game, the Canadian industry wins.”

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