The Perfect Project

2D Animation | 2020

Uplifting animated short film showcasing the superpowers of Charlie, a young boy with autism.

The Perfect Project, an animated short film about autism adapted from the book of the same name by author, professor, TEDx speaker and award winning psychologist Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway PhD. "This film brings to life my book celebrating the superpowers of children with a learning disability with sensitivity and gentle humor, telling the heartwarming tale of how a young boy with autism and his classmates learn to collaborate on their science fair project." says Dr. Alloway.

The team on the film included voice actors and animators on the autism spectrum as well as a behaviour therapist who deals daily with children like lead character Charlie, who face many situations that classmates untouched by autism take for granted.

Stay tuned for more on Charlie's daily adventures, coming soon to a wider audience.

Production Partner
Regh Animation, Eggplant Music & Sound and Exceptional Minds