October 2017 sees the return of the SAW franchise with JIGSAW

#VFX by Switch VFX & Jon Campfens!

Check out the trailer to see some of our great work.

Welcome to Wawa Siptopia

Hand Drawn Traditional Animation

Congratulations to our partners on the clever creation of new commercials.  Completed in only 4 weeks the two spots we worked on are hand drawn, traditional animation, scanned and painted in Harmony, composited in Nuke.

Credits: Nice Shoes & Harry Darrington, Creative Director.

Meet the 2017 Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to our seven scholarship winners!  We wish them the best of luck pursuing their passion and are excited by the prospect that they are working to advance the field in animated features, shorts and digital opportunities.  It is critical that we support the education of our future digital artists and encourage our colleagues and competitors to do the same.

The demo reels of our winners can be found in the new Scholarship section of our website.

Click HERE to view

Welcome to Wayne premiered on Nickelodeon on July 24th…did you know that we worked on the webisodes that greenlit the series…now you do.  Check it out HERE.

Take a look at our reels to see our work.  VFX & Animation