Five Canadian colleges with outstanding animation and visual effects programs have been chosen to grant the Switch VFX & Animation Scholarship Awards — $1,000 per annum financial endowments to be administered by each administration based on criteria developed in coordination with the Toronto-based studio and outlined for each program.


The selected schools, all located in the province of Ontario, are Algonquin College (Ottawa), Centennial College (Toronto), Seneca College (Toronto), St. Clair College (Windsor) and Sheridan College (Toronto).

“We encourage each school to reward a current student with a passion for the work, a well-rounded overall talent, who demonstrates initiative with a collaborative attitude,” said Pete Denomme, Sheridan Alumni and CEO/Executive Producer at Switch. “Cultivating this form of digital artistry is critical to growing our Canadian talent pool and keeping this expressive field alive and thriving. I encourage our colleagues to join us in supporting the future of our industry”.

Details of the Scholarship Awards below. Further inquiries should be directed to school program directors.

Algonquin College – The Switch VFX & Animation Award

Awarded to a student in the Animation Program enrolled in the Faculty of Media and Design who is a team player, hard worker and demonstrates initiative.

Centennial College – The Switch Animation Scholarship

Awarded to a student in their final year of the 3D Animation program who shows academic excellence and is nominated by the instructor. (Student must possess a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in order to qualify.)

Seneca College – Switch Scholarship

Awarded to a third-year student in the 2D Animation stream or the Digital Animation stream of the Animation program. The recipient is a team player who is hardworking and shows initiative. The recipient performs well in animation specific courses or projects.

St. Clair College – Switch VFX & Animation Scholarship

Recipient must be enrolled full time in Animation – 2D/3D Program, must be in the second year of the program, must have a GPA Average of at least 2.0, must be a team player who is hardworking and shows initiative, and shows potential in the well-roundedness of their overall talent.

Sheridan College – Switch VFX & Animation Award

Presented to a student in the Visual Effects program who shows the most potential in the well-roundedness of their overall talent. The student will excel in visual effect


Article originally appeared in Animation Magazine online February 7, 2017