Projects of Purpose Shine at Switch

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Decades of passion for animation and visual effects have led us to produce incredible service work for worldwide clients and inventive original IP. Our experience, partnerships and connections have also allowed us the chance to invest our time, money and creative talent into what we consider projects of purpose. Opportunities that as a studio you come across or create that you know are going to make a difference in someone’s world. Our leadership and artists become so inspired by the importance of these projects that we deliver some of our best work – and this passion, creativity and excitement stays in the studio long after the project is completed.


Our most recent impactful production premiered in U.S. theatres in October. KOATI is the story of three unlikely heroes, a free-spirited coati, a fearless monarch butterfly and a hyperactive glass frog who embark on an exciting journey to prevent a wicked coral snake played by Sophia Vergara from destroying their land. This film partnered with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in a united effort to develop a comprehensive and powerful communication and education strategy to promote more sustainable lifestyles. A critical undertaking given that most of the animals and habitats in the film are on the verge of extinction. KOATI’s message is that “together we can save nature, and in turn we will discover that nature will save us”.



The Perfect Project, An Animated Short Film about Autism was adapted from an endearing book of the same name by author, professor, TEDx speaker and award-winning psychologist Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD. The film expresses to children what autism is in a simple, direct and honest way with the critical underlying themes of understanding and acceptance. The team on the film included voice actors and animators on the autism spectrum as well as a behavior therapist. The lead character Charlie, faces many situations that classmates untouched autism takes for granted – he is portrayed as a “spectrum superhero” as the story highlights his many gifts.



A first of its kind production, the story and characters of ZOUA came directly from the imaginations of an incredible group of children in Switzerland facing the world of cancer. ZOUA is a special boy who lives on a deserted island, and although he is great friends with the local animals, he longs more than anything to live where he can play with other children. Premiering in late 2018 in Porrentruy, Switzerland (where the children reside) during a charity event for the AJAFEC (Association for families with kids battling cancer) the film was used as a tool to raise money for associations affiliated with cancer support and research while raising awareness of childhood cancer. ZOUA went on to play film festivals and events worldwide.


Today, #GivingTuesday we encourage all of you to give in whatever way you feel best serves your passion. We have chosen to inspire, educate and entertain.

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