Supported by Switch Animation


Toronto Ontario, February 11, 2019 – Switch Animation is proud to announce today their status as host and main sponsor of the Animation Lounge, a new education resource built to advance the careers and passions of students, all professionals and the public who are interested in the animation process from concept to publication, by offering training on the rapidly changing software and hardware technology for the industry.

The Animation Lounge is the passion project of Sonya Carey, a 25-year technical production expert whose first step is to launch a series of day long workshops, from the Switch offices. Ms. Carey defines her workshops by saying “We will be a unique learning environment; each attendee of a workshop will produce a short film by the end of their session. This hands-on experience is meant to help them refine their skills, add to their portfolio or start their career as a You Tube sensation in a fun, no pressure atmosphere”

In addition to the workshops offered, the Animation Lounge will be launching a website with assets like training videos, live chat where questions can be asked and answered, a schedule of events, work of featured artists, consultation, recruitment and related articles to reference.

“Sonya and I have the same goals” said Pete Denomme, CEO/Executive Producer of Switch Animation. “We both love our industry and are driven to help make it better. Sponsoring and supporting the Animation Lounge is a natural adjunct to the Switch Scholarship program started 3 years ago. I see it as a compliment to student learning and a great opportunity for my fellow studio owners to advance their artists and their studios. If we all raise our game, the Canadian industry wins”.