A former executive at the digital arm of Canadian studio Yowza Animation has relaunched the company under a new name via a partnership with Toronto-based Switch VFX.

Pete Denomme, who set up the Yowza Digital arm of Yowza Animation in 2003, has now joined forces with Switch VFX to create Switch VFX & Switch Animation. This follows Denomme parting company with Yowza Animation co-founder Claude Chiasson in the fall of last year, with Denomme retaining ownership of Yowza Digital, which focuses on 3D animation. Chiasson, meanwhile, retained Yowza Animation and has since sold the company to veteran Yowza Digital executive Heather Walker for an undisclosed fee.

“Expertise in dual disciplines allow us to offer two creative services to our client partners with the ease of only one phone call,” said Denomme, who will be CEO of the new entity.
New work from Switch will launch early in September 2016 on Canadian broadcaster Teletoon, while projects are also lined up with major studios, according to the company.

This article was originally posted on C21 Media.